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Willie Watt is a high school nerd and villain in the animated series Batman Beyond, was the victim of regular bullying from school jocks and even his brutish father. He had a crush on a popular girl named Blade though she belittled him as much as anyone else. In revenge Willie controlled a GLM (pronounced golem), a robot used for construction, to get back his father, and all the kids who picked on him. But in the end, Terry (a.k.a Batman) destroys the GLM. Willie, crying over the lose of his "friend", is sentenced to a juvenile center where he discovered the connection to the GLM had given him telekinetic powers.

Willie returns in the second season, no longer a nerd. The new Willie got rid the nerd talk, now buff, shed his glasses. He still has a crush on Blade when he send a message to her in the girl's locker room with his powers that said "I still love you". When Terry visits him, Willie accidentally reveals his power when Terry throws a glass of water at him, and stops it in mid air. After that Willie escapes from juvie to get his revenge. Willie visits the school, defeats Nelson in a fight, and tries to take Blade by force. But then Batman comes in and the fight begins. At first Willie is tough to beat. But then Batman throws a bat-a-rang at him, causing Willie to create a tornado. Not watching when a tree hit Willie knocking him out cold. Then Willie is return to juvenile with a helmet on him that prevents him from using his powers to escape.

He serves as the main villain in the season one episode Golem and season 2 episode Revenant. He might return in the new Batman Beyond comic books but it is unknown yet.

Personality Sadly, Poor Willie is a tragic example of when the downtrodden get the taste of power. Constant bullying at school and at home had severally eroded his sense of goodwill and he began to greatly enjoy dishing out revenge when possible.