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William Sutherland is a villain in Gundam Seed. He's a member of Blue Cosmos. He answers to his boss Muruta Azrael.

Natural; an officer of the Earth Alliance general staff, stationed at the Alliance's JOSH-A headquarters. After the Archangel arrives in Alaska, Sutherland subjects its officers to an inquiry. Sutherland's comments in the course of this hearing, which reveal own prejudice against Coordinators, provide a hint as to his real agenda to eliminate all Coordinators. At the Battle of JOSH-A, Sutherland is one of the two OMNI officers (later the OMNI officer gets killed by GENESIS) who triggers the Cyclops System in an attempt to get rid of OMNI's less desirable forces and a large portion of ZAFT's fighting strength. He ultimately dies when his ship, the Doolittle is destroyed by the combined efforts of Yzak Joule and Dearka Elsman at the Battle of Jachin Due.

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