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Will strausser

Sergeant William Strausser was the quaternary antagonist in the first season of Revolution. As opposed to most villains who turned evil through trying to survive the Black out, Strausser is simply an evil man who enjoys hurting others.


Strausser's father was a butcher who prided himself on not using anything other than knifes to cut his meat. He trained his son to use a knife. During the blackout he became a member of the Monroe Militia, he was only man who ever scared Miles Matheson.

Years later now promoted to Sergeant he was chosen by Monroe to hunt down Miles and take bring him and his pendant to Monroe. He tricked Miles and his friends, but recruiting Nora Clayton's sister, and having her betray them. He confronted Miles and gained the Pendant. However a skirmish broke out, he tried to kill Miles with his knife, but Miles overpowered him and escaped. However he took the pendant back to Monroe.

He later acted as the guard for Rachael Matheson, and almost forced her to chose one of her children for him to shoot. All the while he showed a perverted lust for Rachael and tried to abuse her (its implied he previous raped her). He was tasked with guarding her till she completed the device. He tried to provoked her into doing something, so he could harm her children.

After Miles attacked, unaware who it was he sent his men to investigate. Rachael seized her chance and tried to kill him with a hammer on the desk, but Strausser overpowered her. Taking his knife he told he wasn't going to kill her, as she was "more fun" this way. However she was able to reach the hammer and knocked him off her, before killing him by stabbing him with his own knife.

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