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No one will ever believe i got shot.
~ The Mirror Man
William Pratt also know as The Mirror Man or The Selfie Killer is a tragic teenage serial killer and the main antagonist of the Criminal Minds episode, Hashtag.

He was portrayed by ????.


Early Life

A year before the events of the episode, he lost his parents in car accident, changing his life forever. Sometime later, he helped in the creation of the Creepypasta creature "The Mirror Man" alongside his best friend Connor Holt, The Mirror Man became a famous Creepypasta but William wasn't satisfied, desperated to gain fame and wanting to please Connor, he murdered the young popular girl Tara Harris in the same way The Mirror Man murdered his victims. He then he posed a selfie of Tara and posted it online with the hashtag #FearMe. He was later named The Selfie Killer by the Media.

The Mirror Man Killing

After killing Tara, he killed her friend Alexander Chase by shooting him in the back with a nail gun and later executing him. He then posed another selfie under the name Mirror Man, not liking his his other name The Selfie Killer. Hours later, William watched a video of his friend Daniel Osbourne making fun of the Creepypasta, which angers him. He then goes to Daniel's house and murders him. William is identified by the BAU during his work at a local mall and takes shopper Kimmy hostage with his signature nail gun, seeing the presence of reporters and realizing that he is already famous, he shoots Kimmy in the neck but is shot by the BAU, both William and Kimmy survived. In the Hospital with his friend Connor, knowing that he will be released due to being a minor, he takes one last selfie.


Body Count: 3

  • Tara Harris
  • Alexander Chase
  • Daniel Osbourne

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