William Pitt the Younger was a character in the Blackadder the Third episode Dish and Dishonesty. He was played by Simon Osbourne.


William Pitt the Younger is based on the real-life British Prime Minister of the same name, although in this depicition, he is a petulant teenager. This version of William Pitt the Younger is still at school, and has come into power in the middle of his exams. As part of his agenda, he intends to declare war on France, get revenge on his Geography teacher, "Banana Breath" Rickshanks and to strike the Prince of Wales (Prince George) from the civil list. The latter of these acts makes him an antagonist, as the protagonist, Mr Edmund Blackadder, is butler to Prince George. In order to beat William Pitt at his own game, Blackadder makes his dogsbody, Baldrick, an MP to stand against Pitt. Unfortunately, Baldrick does not have a clue of what he is doing, and is manipulated by Wililam Pitt into voting the wrong way.