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William E
For years your probability has decided the fates of others. The healthy have benefited while the potentially sick have been unjustly rejected. However, the formula does not take into account the Human will to live. When faced with death, who should live versus who will live are entirely separate things. Today your policy will be put to the test.
~ Jigsaw about William and his policy

William Easton is the main protagonist of Saw VI and was Jigsaw's insurer for his company. He was one of the reasons for John Kramer becoming Jigsaw as he refused to give health insurance to him. He also refused to provided seriously ill people with health insurance, resulting in some deaths. He is also largely responsible for killing Jigsaw and Harold Abbolt.

William was captured and put through many tests and traps which resulted in many deaths of people connected to William. One he had to choose out of six of his most "valuable" associates, two to spare the lives of or else all six will die. William allowed Emily and Shelby though to live. William then attempted to escape finally but was trapped between two cages with his sister, Pamela Jenkins, on one side and the other side was Tara and Brent Abbortt, the mother and son of Harold, a man who William caused the death of. Jigsaw gave Brent and Tara the choice to kill William for what he did or spare his life and allow him to escape. To make sure William doesn't cause the deaths of many more people, she attempted to kill him but couldn't do it. Though Brent pressed the "DIE" switch for revenge, causing many needles to pierce William's back and was filled up with hydrofluic acid. William's insides were melted and slowly died while Brent, Tara and Pamela watched in horror.


  • Hank: Janitor.
  • Addy: Secretary.
  • Allen: File Clerk.
  • Debbie: Attorney.
  • Josh: Junior Associate.
  • Gena: Junior Associate.
  • Dave: Junior Associate.
  • Emily: Junior Associate.
  • Shelby: Junior Associate.
  • Aaron: Junior Associate.

Deaths Connected to William

  • Harold Abbott: Refuses his requests for his heart's treatment.
  • John Kramer: Refuses his requests for his colon cancer's treatment.
  • Hank: After surviving the Breathing Room, Hank dies.
  • Allen: To save Addy, William had to let Allen die.
  • Debbie: Dies in the steamer room as she attacks William.
  • Four Carousel Victims: Die after William saves Shelby and Emily.

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