"You're nothing. Just an insignificant bunch of digital dust."
~ William while possessed by X.A.N.A.

William Dunbar is the secondary antagonist in Code Lyoko. He is one of the students at Kadic and Yumi's crush, as well as Ulrich's rival. He is also the only character aside from the main group to ever enter Lyoko, but it only caused him to be brainwashed and captured by X.A.N.A., who turned William into his general for most of the series until the series finale. He was voiced by David Gasman, who also voiced X.A.N.A.

Role in the series

William Dunbar (Normal)

William in the Real World, before ever entering Lyoko.

William entered as a new student in the second season and immediately began to develop a crush on Yumi, causing jealousy on Ulrich, who also liked her. The group didn't have much to worry about him until the day he discovered Lyoko and X.A.N.A., offering his help in stopping the supercomputer. Jeremy was reluctant at first, but decided to create a form for William on Lyoko. However, not long after he entered, X.A.N.A. took control of him using the Scyphozoa and destroyed an entire area of Lyoko, also absorbing William onto his data and putting him against the group. Jeremy devised a clone to replace William while he was still under X.A.N.A.'s control, while the group rebuild Lyoko little by little. Near the series finale, they manage to take William out of Lyoko and cut X.A.N.A.'s control over him. However, X.A.N.A.'s final attack began once he possessed William once again, but they managed to finally kill the computer and save William, Ulrich finally getting on good terms with him.

Code Lyoko Evolution

In Code Lyoko Evolution, William becomes a full member of the group and fights alongside them against X.A.N.A. in episode 15 the Codeless when Jeremy virtualize Yumi and William to the desert to deactivate the tower they noticed that there was another William that looks exactly like him but his skin was light green however yumi was about to attack him but was punch and lost some of her life points Jeremy told her to be very extra careful not to lose any more life points he begins to Welcome William back home On lyoko which he begins to know That William has feelings for her and he begins to know that he becomes rejected manipulated and always the team waited for him and then reject him after that she tells him not to listen to him he brings up all the past memories of months ago when he was on there he was a king and all the monsters obey his every command tell him that and no one didn't hurt him anymore.

Yumi tries to tell him to snap out of it but became in raged of being rejected as he begins to go with him she tried to convince him not to listen to them anymore he begins to use his blade by telling her to be quiet however she begins to tell him that he only want their codes and doesn't care about him As yumi becomes double cross and run away clone William told him She abandoned you again, yumi becomes very scared of William and his clone are coming after her however she became trapped and nowhere else to go she and Jeremy was trying to convince him to not do this however he played along and attacked his clone realizing that his friends and saving the world is more important than being a king and a slave of X.A.NA again As clone William became disappointed of the choice that he made and go straight after yumi she managed to go to the Tower but she was blocked by his evil clone however he Manage to stop his clone and defeated him.

However in the episode "Mutiny", William is once again pocesed by X.A.N.A. using the scyphozoa although it is not a full conversion as it's tentacles are still attached to him. William then leads an army of Krabes to kill the group. They try to talk him down but it doesn't work. Ulrich then distracts him and his monsters (as he is in control of them) which gives the rest of them enough time to cut the tentacles which frees William and kills all the monsters.


William Dunbar (Normal-Lyoko)

William's form in Lyoko, before being possessed.

William, at first, is a normal teenager with average good looks and attractiveness. However, he can be very tactical and smart when he wants to, making it easy for a girl to fall in love with him. He also can be friendly and protective of someone he cares about, like his closest friends or crushes. This all changes, however, when he is controlled by X.A.N.A. in the end of season three. William becomes greedy and cold, completely absent of emotions aside from malice and hate, and his voice goes from a calm and conforting tone to a harsh, computer-altered commanding voice as xana William favorite Target is Yumi the most which might show that he might be in love with her despite the fact that he likes attacking her.