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William Cartwright is the main antagonist in The Family That Preys.

He is portrayed by Cole Hauser, who also portrayed Carter Verone.


William is the son of widow Charlotte Cartwright, husband to Jillian Cartwright and boss/boyfriend of Andrea, Ben and Chris. William is having an affair with Andrea Bennett (which everyone is aware of, except Andrea's husband Chris) and even gives her bonuses AND fills her head with promises that he'll leave his wife for her. When Charlotte anoints Abby Dexter as Chief Operating Officer, despite the half-billion-dollar deal that he closed, William manages to convince her to get his mother to sell her shares by telling her that their combined votes will enable them to maintain control. However, William secretly plans to oust her as COO and seize control of the company from his mother, even going so far as to fire Chris and Ben. Unbeknownst to him, Jillian (out of anger of finding out about his affair with Andrea) told his mother about his plan and Charlotte calls a meeting, where she fires William and replaces him with Nick, a former employee who ended up homeless after William unjustly fired him. Also, Jillian tells Andrea to leave her family alone and divorces William. William is last seen walking to his car when he is approached by Andrea, who claims that her son might be his and demands that he leave his wife for her. William ends their affair and drives off.