Willard Kraft, often known as Mr. Kraft, is a character in the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He was the secondary antagonist of the early seasons and was played by Martin Mull. He started out as a vice principal in the second and third seasons before his role as the principal in the fourth season. Sabrina's complications were caused due to him dating Aunts Hilda and Zelda. From season 2-4, he spent most of his time giving Sabrina and her friends a hard time. Mostly he wants them out of the school. He usually favors Libby and the cheerleaders and the varsity football team. Harvey is on the football team, but Kraft gives him a hard time. He has dated Zelda from 3-4. Both of them are very compatible are both of them are authority figures and disciplinarians. Mostly Libby is Kraft right hand person and she is a spy for Kraft to help him get rid of Sabrina and her friends out of their school.

In one episode, he was trying to hurt Aunt Hilda, with Salem watching them fight.