Give me the bag, bitch! Now! And I want the necklace!
~ Will Scott

Will Scott is a minor antagonist in The Power of Five book one Raven's Gate. He is a minor convict in London and has been involved in some major crimes such as theft, stabbings and muggings and lootings.

Will Scott first appears in the novel when he is following Mrs. Jayne Deverill down through Lincoln's Inn in Holborn, and he is always two steps behind her. He doesn't know or care who she is - he just knows she's rich and wants the handbag and her money to buy himself more drugs.

Will follows Mrs. Deverill into a shaded backstreet by Lincoln's Inn offices, and he smiles because he thinks he has her cornered. He shouts for the bag, but she stands there with her back to him for a few eerie seconds, then slowly turns around. What happens next is undisclosed, but when Mrs. Deverill takes Matt to Yorkshire, Holborn is being examined by forensics and police, who have found Will Scott's body and have noted his bizarre smile. He has pushed his own knife into his heart and killed himself.

This draws the attention of the Nexus who immediately know dark magic killed Will and it is the Old Ones behind it.