But the best and savest carmouflage ( I think) is still the truth. Ironically. That's what nobody believes!
~ Wilhelm Maria Eisenring
Wilhelm "Willi" Maria Eisenring is one of the two antagonists from the german story Biedermann und die Brandstifter. He appears later than the other villain, Joseph Schmitz, after Joseph talked about his friend. He wears a waiter's suit, about the rest of his appearance is nothing known.


Wilhem was a waiter in a metropol until the police came and said that he would be a fire raiser, what wasn't true. In prison, he might became mad and seeked for revenge, because someone turned the metropol on fire. Because he had nothing to wipe himself, he was envious to the guests who had napkins, that's why he hates rich people and napkins.

In the book "Biedermann und die Brandstifter"

In the book, he appears later, when Joseph "Sepp" Schmitz, his friend, has still arrived and like Sepp, Wilhelm invited himself to stay for a while at the house of Gottlieb Biedermann, the main protagonist, who's afraid of fire raisers and doesn't believe that his two guests are those. However, Wilhelm and Sepp are carrying tons with petrol to the loft to set the house on fire. Later, when Biedermann and Joseph are gone Wilhelm helps the third fire raiser, Dr. Phil, out of a ton, saying that he doesn't like Dr.phil's ideological kind of fire raising. When Biedermann, his wife, Joseph and Wilhelm are having dinner, Wilhelm tells about his past and says that Joseph worked at a theatre. To prove it, he throws the tablecloth over him and makes him play a ghost. When Biedermann asks who he does play, Joseph answers that he's Knechtling, an employee of Biedermann who killed himself after Biedermann fired him. Angry about how he scared Biedermann's wife, Wilmelm takes the tablecloth away and shouts at Joseph. Saying they have to go, Joseph and Wilhelm leave the house, before Dr.phil tries to distance himself from them, but Biedermann doesn't understand him. After Dr.phil left, the house turned on fire and the Biedermanns die.

In the postlude, what's only allowed in Germany and Austria

After the Biedermanns died, they came to the beyond, in fact to hell. Dr.phil tells them that because everyone who wore a uniforme when he killed or was killed is saved, the devils are on strike. They turn out to be Wilhelm and Joseph, what means that they might have died years ago and became devils after death. Because of the strike, Wilhelm and Joseph are sending all souls from hell to earth again, including the Biedermanns who are waiting for their rescue at the end.