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Good evening ladies and gentlemen! My name is Wilfred Warfstache!
~ Wilfred Warfstache
Wilfred Warfstache is the alter ego of Mark Fichbache, aka Markiplier, as well as the secondary antagonist/anti-villain of Mark's YouTube channel. He is a comedic villain and a more goofy version of Mark.


Wilfred is most known for having a big pink mustache that is most often curled, hence the name. He would be seen also having pink hair but mostly black. He is the same height as Markiplier. he is seen on his show wearing a peach shirt and also secretly hides a knife by his shoe. In his own debut, he is seen wearing a red and white striped suit, black shirt and white tie. He is also known to wear and not wear his glasses.


Wilfred Warfstache has a rather goofy personality. He is also proven to get angry easily. He is pretty ruthless since he would kill anyone who gets in his way, or ruins his show Warfstache Tonight.


- Wilfred Warfstache has been described by a few fans that he reminds them of Jim Carrey's Riddler.

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