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Wilfre idle

Wilfre is an example of an epic villain

Wilfre is the main villain fro

 m the video game series, Drawn to Life.

Where is this all taking place?

It takes place in a world that apparently was first created in a book called "The Book of Life" by someone known to its inhabitants (the Raposa) as "The creator."

It is diferent realm paralell to the real world. Somehow a connection was made between our world and theirs that let the subconcious of a young boy named Mike to cross to the Raposas' world after a car crash landed him in a coma.

Who is Wilfre?

His kind is known as "Raposa" which is one of the inhabitants of the world the game takes place in. Raposa are are like Humans except they have fox-like ears. Also, they are probably smaller than most humans (a lot of them were the same size as Mike, the only human in the village, even though he was just a child). He lived in a village (that the player gets to name) and was a regular rapo until he questioned why it was forbidden for anyone besides The Creator to draw in the Book of Life. So one night, he snuck into the Creation Hall, took the Book of Life, and drew in it. What came out were dark, shadowy creations. The villagers suspected something and confronted Wilfre then he started to run to the village entrance with the book in hand. But when he got there he was cornered by the mayor, officer cricket and his deputy. In rage, Wilfre tore the book apart page by page and threw the pieces into the wind. At some point between the time this happened and the time where the game took place, Wilfre was consumed my shadow. (which looks and acts somewhat like black fire)


He seems to be a very creative person who was at one time "innocent as could be" (as said in the wii v. of drawn to life the next chapter) He also doesn't see his actons as compleatly evil, since he described himself as the Raposas' "savior" in the DS version of Drawn to Life 2: Then Next Chapter. He is also very determained and manipulative. He often speaks cooly and calmly, or otherwise speaking as if he's scolding the other raposa.

What can he do?

He has the ability to control shadows, as well as a shadow army, and create anything, if he has the Book Of Life. (though it's probably possible that he can make minor shadow creations himself) Because of this, the hero (which is a mannequin filled with the 'presence' of the creator) has to fight some of his minions during the stages. Some minions include a Shadow Walker, Shadow bats, Shadow spewers, Shadow fish, Shadow ghouls, and finally the long time enemies of the Raposa (more of an annoyance actually), the Baki.

Wilfre can also manipulate anything he wants. Though this is only seen in the four boss fights though you never actually see him manipulating these bosses until the fourth one where you fight a giant scorpion whose tail is made of *gasp* one of your own drawings.

Wilfre has actually killed someone who played one of the most important parts of the game: The Mayor. After Wilfre killed The Mayor, (which only took about one of what seemed like a "push" due to limited perspective) he took the Book of Life from The Mayor's hands.

In the DS version of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, he comes back through Heather. Not just possesing her, but useing her as something teathering him to the raposa world. He actually "takes her place" in reality.

Who does he manipulate?

He manipulated four characters of Raposian folklore which were: Frostwind, Deadwood, and King Angler and then a Giant Scorpion which, after you defeat it, leads to the final battle between the hero and Wilfre.

In the second Drawn to Life (DS version) he uses Heather's body to come back to life, or at least become physical.

When you battle him

In The First One: Well the only attack that Wilfre uses is that he can use some of your drawings against you which consist of tridents and stars. Most of the time he just simply tries to dodge you. As he is doing so, he leaves himself open to attack. And by dodging I don't just mean when he disappears when you try to hurt him with the sword you drew for the hero for final three levels of the game, I mean when he starts to move to a side of the area you fight him in. It's very tricky to do since he moves fast. If he or the scorpion he throws at you before kill you, you'll be forced to battle the scorpion again before you move on to Wilfre.

In The Second One (DS): Wilfre is fighting with his Hurricane Throne (drawn by Mari) It's three attaks are just to swoop down and try to hit you, this is when you attack Wilfre. Another attack is shooting lightining, which sends electricity that keeps following along the ground until it hits the wall, just jump over these. The other attack is when his throne spins and becomes a cyclone, the only thing you can do is run as far away as you can, even if you hit a wall, keep running.

In the wii version of the second one: you don't really fight him, he doesn't appear in this version, sadly.

Quotable quotes

"No one told you a creepy bedtime story about me? Pity… If you insignificant rapos must know my name, it's Wilfre." ~Wilfre

"There will be no Hero to save you this time!" ~Wilfre

"Wilfre? Who is that? Hmm… If I'm being compared with him, he must be one good-looking fellow." ~Wilfre (desguied as Salem)

"Goodbye, my fellow raposa… Enjoy a lifetime lost at sea." ~Wilfre

"Only a fool would abandon her people." ~Wilfre (to Mari)

"You are weak, and you will fail." ~Wilfre

"...mindless baki, the lot of you!" ~Wilfre

"Aww, the poor little Hero! Frail and weak! Just like the ones that believe in you… but do they really believe? They are too busy looking out for themselves. Risking everything for fame and glory… hoarding resources, and writing rules to support the structure, instead of the life it was meant to protect. Now, blinded by the beauty of creation, they have lost connection to the world that we create! The perfect storm is at hand, and with this scepter I will end your reign of tyranny once and for all." ~Wilfre (to Hero as he's draining the color (life) from it)


  • Before Wilfre rebeled, he was a popular and well-respected member of the village, always the center of attention who questioned why it was forbidden for Raposa to design their own creations in the Book of Life.
  • When Wilfre drew in the book, he actually had no idea what would happen. His drawings turned out all dark and composed of shadow. He decided to just use what he had
  • Wilfre took the book at night. It was daytime when he was confronted by the mayor and some villagers.
  • It is revealed in the wii version of the sequel that he may have had a wife (or just a devoted follower) before he died named Circi.

Wilfre's Drawn to Life Wikia page

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