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Wilf is an inhabitant of Mortlake and a minor antagonist in the film Inbred.

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He first appears eating maggots out of a glass jar. Ron appears and asks him if he can go to the show that has been organized but Wilf says no, saying Jim doesn’t take to Ron’s ferret after an unspecified previous incident. Although Ron claims to have left the ferret at home, Wilf unzips Ron’s flies to discover the ferret down his trousers, to which Wilf tells him to 'fuck off'.

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When Wilf notices the outsiders escaping, he smashes the glass jar over Dwight’s head and advances towards Kate. Dwight tries to rugby tackle him but Wilf instantly knocks him out. When Gris, Rats and Greg appear, Gris tells them to take Dwight to Jim for his appearance in the show. Later, Wilf accompanies Jim and other local men to capture the outsiders. However, when the locals notice the outsiders’ van is driving towards them, some of the men run out of the way but Wilf, along with several others, are run over and killed instantly.