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I'm going to stamp post that postman, post haste!
~ Wilf expressing his hatred for Postman Pat.

Wilf is a major antagonist in Postman Pat: The Movie. Wilf is a hard worker and tends to lose his temper if his efforts are wasted. Wilf is a pop star manager and during the film manages Josh.

He is voiced by David Tennant who also plays Barty Crouch Jr.


He is Josh's manager for "You're the One" and has put a lot of effort into making sure he wins in the London finals. 

So when Postman Pat Clifton from Greendale suddenly comes into the picture, blows everyone away with his wonderful singing voice and starts to become favored to win, Wilf realizes he must try to crush the competition by any means necessary. Josh is more relaxed about letting the best man win, but Wilf is determined to make sure that all his work to become nation's next favorite is not wasted.

Wilf tried setting traps for Pat, but because the evil Edwin Carbunkle had deployed the PATBOT 3000 to take over the Greendale mail rounds whilst Pat was in London getting ready for the "You're the One" finals, the tricks always backfired. The PATBOT even turned Wilf at one point when he tried to fail Pat back at the Pencaster sorting office. Wilf tried to defend himself with a parcel which was actually a magnet and it made the PATBOT breakdown.

Wilf felt that Pat was cheating because he thought he was a robot and robots cannot enter in talent shows, so he stole the sorting office forklift and drove straight to London. At the "You're the One" finals, another of Carbunkle's PATBOT had replaced Pat in the show and Wilf used the magnet to stop this robot too. Then after the real Pat had escaped from his prison and got into the studio, Wilf accidentally pointed the magnet up at the seller and got stuck to the lighting area where Jess was. As Carbunkle set more PATBOTS on Pat, Mr. Brown and Simon Cowbell, Jess' cat hairs made Wilf sneeze and let go of the magnet and land on top of the evil executive, giving Josh the chance to stop the robots from attacking.

When Carbuncle had been taken away, Wilf forgot his jealousy and decided to let the best man win. He even offered to be Pat's manager too, but the postman, of course, was only in the contest to win the holiday to Italy. So when Simon gave Pat his contract and holiday tickets for winning the contest, Pat handed them onto Josh who then let him keep the tickets.