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Wild Jango is a Reploid that appears in Mega Man X Command Mission.

Wild Jango's artwork


Jango is a sly and pitiless Reploid.

In the Story

Wild Jango had originally hired Spider to attack X, and becomes enraged after Spider reneged on his deal. He later appears on a monitor with a near dead Spider, while holding Chief R hostage. He initiates the self-destruct sequence to kill X and Spider. The two Reploids caught up to Jango and engages them in battle, which ultimately ends with Jango death.

Jango reappears at the Far East Headquarters and was defeated by X and his party. A shocked X wonders if Jango survived their previous ordeal, but Axl speculates that someone may have copied Jango's DNA.

Powers and Abilities

Jango is extremely fast and swift, being aided by the thruster-like boosters on his back in conjunction with his electrified claws. He is very acrobatlic, curling and somersaulting through the air and homing in on his opponents, which is capable of stunning them.


  • Wild Jango is based on a Bobcat.
  • Unlike other Reploids that have five fingers, Jango has only four.