Wild Fang is a recurring antagonist in the Time Crisis series along with Wild Dog. He first appeared in Time Crisis 3 as Wild Dog's younger apprentice.


Time Crisis 3

He appears in Stage 3-1 of the game when Wild Dog challenges the VSSE agents with Wild Fang as his partner. After a lengthy gunfight, both Wild Dog and Wild Fang are defeated, with Wild Dog blowing himself up in the process.

Time Crisis 4

His second appearance in the series was near the end of Time Crisis 4, where he is the penultimate boss of the Complete Mission mode. Here, he encounters Captain Rush at the Hamlin Battalion occupied AFB in Colorado, and challenges him to a one-on-one duel. Eventually, Rush manages to defeat Fang by kicking him into the path of a UCAV, launching him out of the area.

Time Crisis 5

He appears in the True Mastermind Edition of the fifth game, where he's surprised that the agents were "abandoned by their own partner". He battles the agents inside a cave, now armed with turrets on his back that can create a solar energy orb to destroy the cave and the entire United States, but the agents manage to defeat Fang, the orb absorbing and killing him in the process.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wild Fang, and it's a pleasure to meet...YOU!
~ Wild Fang, introducing himself to the VSSE agents.
Abandoned by your own partner. What a shame. The name's Wild Fang...I'm here to put an end to you!
~ Wild Fang, introducing himself to VSSE rookies Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart, who are now escorted by Keith Martin.
Pretty good... you dodged it. But you know what? You're startin' to get on my nerves! It's just you and me, man to man!
~ Wild Fang, confronting Captain Rush