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Wild Dogs attacking the Sheeps
The Wild Dogs also known as the Wolves by the Sheeps are the minor antagonists from 1995 film Babe, they're the enemies of the sheeps, they killed Maa, but end up being chased away by Babe.


They had claws on their paws, they had brown fur and one of them is white with black and tan patches on its body.


The Wild Dogs were seen when they terrorize the innocent sheeps, they successfully killed Maa by mortally injuring her in the process, Babe who was witnessed from this savage attack gets mad and bites the wild dog on his leg and manages to chase them all away from their farm, Maa, mortally injured dies from her wound after being attacked by this wild dogs, Babe's farmer owner realizes that the wild dogs are responsable for the death of Maa.

Fly discovers that the sheeps are traumatized for Maa's death, the sheeps also called the wild dogs, the wolves as a nickname of this wild animals.

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