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Wiki Wiki Walter is an ex friend of Shock and mentor. He was young at this time and was teaching Shock the beat of the beatbox. But a kid wanted to know who was better in this rapping skill Shock win the battle. And Wiki Wiki Walter was upset with him and not friend with him anymore. He decide to show up in Manny beatboxing auditions. he said to Shock in Manny video message he will defeat him and be the number one again in beatboxing. Because he never forget his defeat and still have his grudge against him. When he finally came face to face with Shock he win the first round of the beatboxing. When he wanted to make triple tempo he did a quiet tempo and lose the second round. Manny was angry at him and insulting him after that altercation Wiki Wiki Walter feel with the sadness of a defeat once again. Shock feel guilty after he was looking at him.In the last round Shock and him did the beatbox they make in their past and the two reconciled and rebecame friends after they winning the challenge with a tie.