A pack of Wig Wigs

 The Wig Wigs are a hostile species found in The Edge Chronicles.


The Wig Wigs resemble orange cleaning mops, but when they move, they do so with alarming speed. They open their jaws when they converge on prey and strip a creature to the bone in minutes. When the Wig Wigs are done, nothing is left, not even bone.

The Wig Wigs are described as "power versus preserverance" and "the mighty versus a multitude." The Wig Wigs are the smallest creatures in the series, but are the most dangerous and violent, much like land-based piranha. The Wig Wigs look harmless, and this is their most terrifying aspect.


When Twig realized his Norton protection was gone, he found himself friends with a banderbear, also roaming the Deepwoods. The banderbear had a swollen cheek from a rotten fang, and Twig took out the dead fang, curing  the beast. The banderbear became best friends with Twig, and he takes to roaming the woods with it. Later in their adventures, the banderbear and Twig are walking around one evening when Twig sees a small orange creature. He thinks its cute and says so. The banderbear doesn't know what he means but when the banderbear sees the Wig Wig he goes mad. He runs off barking with Twig on his back. The hungry Wig Wigs form a pack and fly after them, jumping along, and soon corner the banderbear and surround him. The banderbear puts Twig in a lullabee tree and then is eaten by the hungry Wig Wigs.

Twig develops a fear of the Wig Wigs from then on and he next meets them in the Great Shryke Slave Market. He learns by now that the Wig Wigs are attracted to the Market because of the food (living and dead) which falls down to the forest floor. He describes the Wig Wigs to Cowlquape, and assures the frightened youth that the Wig Wigs can't climb trees.

The Wig Wigs are also one of Cowlquape's greatest fears that he would rather face Shrykes then see Wig Wigs again.

Fifty years later the Wig Wigs are attracted to the Eastern Roost, for precisely the same reasons as the Market.