See? You're just too damn smart for your good.
~ Widow

Widow is Charlene's shady ex-boyfriend and the main antagonist of the 2003 comedy Bringing Down The House.

He was portrayed by Steve Harris.


Widow talks to Charlene, while she's staying with Peter Sanderson, who's trying to drop her bank robbing crime, and he comforts her and says he can help her in anyway he can. When she's exposed, in front of Peter, his kids, and Ms. Arness. Widow takes matters into his own hands to threaten Peter. Peter luckily evades the man and looks for Charlene.

When they meet, they find out, that Widow set her up and she really is innocent. He decides to go after Widow and his gang and get a confession at the club he always hangs out at called the "Down Low".

When he's at Widow's club, he discovers, he and Charlene were right and that Widow and his gang really did frame her.They engage in a fight and Charlene, Ms. Arness, and Howie arrive. Howie attacks Widow, who then shoots Charlene. Fortunately she survives, thanks to Peter's cell phone and Widow and his gang are arrested.