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Wickie is a supporting antagonist of the 2013 film Jack the Giant Slayer.

He is portrayed by Ewen Bremner


Wickie is Lord Roderick attendant. He is first seen with Roderick when Princess Isabelle is arguing with father about her exploring the kingdom and marrying Roderick. Wickie is then seen chasing a monk who stole Roderick's magic beans.. He captures the monk and brings him to Roderick and is present when Roderick kills the Monk. When Isabelle runs away and is taken by a beanstalk. He joins Elmont's rescue group to accompany Roderick. During the climb on the beanstalk Wickie under the orders of Roderick cuts the rope carrying the most of the knights causing them to plummet to their deaths. When the group gets up to the Giants realm who goes with Roderick's group to look for the princess. While they are exploring the giants realm Roderick and Wickie trick one of the soliders to look at bottom of ravine and they push him off it to his death. Then suddenly two giants come in front of them and one of them killed Wickie by eating him.


Wickie is an evil and devious man who is willing to serve his master no matter what.