The Wickets are a street gang with an obsession with the game croquet and a deep hatred for cell phones since they're considered by them to be "rude". Mordecai accidentally entered their hangout on 7th Street since he was on his way to the garage to pick up Benson's car to drive Margaret to the airport. The Wickets caught Mordecai and decided to give him a second chance to not use any cell phones. However, they decided to stalk him. At Raymond the Mechanic's garage, Mordecai used his phone to contact Benson to get Raymond to give him Benson's car. The Wickets then attacked Mordecai, however Raymond used a flamethrower against them while Mordecai escape.

When Mordecai finally picked up Margaret, she told him that her flight was leaving sooner than she expected.

The Wickets caught of them and started to attack the car until Mordecai was able to get them out of the picture: two members crashed into a box, two others bumped into a wooden wall and are assumed to have died, and the last three crashed into a cell phone billboard and are now assumed to have perished in an explosion.


The members of the Wickets' character design was inspired from various characters of the movie "The Warriors." The female member's design is instead inspired by the movie "Back to the Future: Part 2".