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Black Lady or Wicked Lady is the transformed version of Chibiusa (Rini) by the Malefic Black Crystal used by Wiseman. Overwhelmed by feelings of inadaquacy and frustration over not being able to revive Neo Queen Serenity, Chibiusa is approached by Wiseman (alias Death Phantom orDoom Phantom). Telling Chibiusa that nobody loves her, that her parents didn't want her and that she was born alone will die alone and has been and always will be alone the Wiseman promises her that if she joins the Black Moon Clan he will take care of her. By filling her with negative emotions Chibiusa is completely changed both physically and personally by the Malefic Black Crystal.

Luna P (floating cat orb that resembles Luna the cat) in the anime remains Chibusa's only companion and weapon. In the manga, however, she simply tosses it aside. Black Lady posses an intensified hatred of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians along with Tuxedo Mask mostly steming from her feelings of abandoment, and lonliness. She also possesses new lightning powers that she has gained from the Malefic Black Crystal.

When Black Lady first encounters the Guardians, she was willing to fight them. However, when she hugs Luna P, Sailor Moon and the rest recognize Black Lady as Chibiusa. The Sailor Guardians held back, unwilling to hurt the girl they loved dearly. Sailor Moon used the power of the Silver Crystal in an attempt to erase the evil energy possessing Black Lady. However, before she could change back, Wiseman abruptly intervened and convinced her that she was not loved.

Later, Tuxedo Mask showed his selflessness by taking the blow intended for Sailor Moon. Stunned by this act, Black Lady is slowly convinced that they love her. Once again, Wiseman interferes, however. Sailor Moon uses the power of the Silver Crystal to turn her into Neo Queen Serenity. Serenity revived Black Lady's true memories and she was convinced she is not alone. The Black Moon Clan symbol on her forehead disappears and Black Lady reverts back to her real child self.