Wick is Dragon Lord's sidekick in Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. If the Dragon Lord needs some sort of magic potion created, Wick is the one who makes it for him. The little dragon has a hideous laugh to match his personality. Wick won't hesitate if he gets the opportunity to dethrone the Dragon Lord and become king himself. He doesn't appear to be very loyal, so he has to suck up to be the favorite in Dragon Lord's army.

He was voiced by Lee Tockar.


Wick is a small, gray-brown coloured small dragon. He has claws and weirdly placed teeth.

Also, his head is somewhat crown shaped, probably because he is also known as "King Wick"

He has a tail with spike-things on it, this resembles the well known dinosaur, Stegosaurus.

For some weird reason, he has a kilt on him.


Wick is greedy, aggressive, narcisistic, and comedic.

He is easily angered and acts as a child, he loves being spoiled and loves himself more than anybody else.

He gets aggressive to people who do things he doesn't want them to do.