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The Whore of Babylon

the Whore of Babylon

The Whore of Babylon is an allegorical and apocalyptic figure of evil found in the Christian Bible and one of several incarnations of evil that plague the world during the End Days - she is depicted as a beautiful woman who is "the mother of all harlots and of all abominations of the world".

According to the the Christian Bible's Book of Revelation, the Whore of Babylon, also once called the "Great Whore" by the Romans, is said to dressed in purple and scarlet clothing and wearing gold and precious jewelry. That known appearance of the so-called "Babylon the Great" is thought by many Biblical scholars and countless believers to represent other known things: the first is Rome the capital of Italy, particularly the old Roman Empire because of its sordid history with greed, brutality, debauchery and paganism. The second is the Roman Catholic Church because of its past 1260 years of its conduct of multiple religious persecutions thought its Inquisitions, its controversal abuse of power and other sordid mistakes.

Often, the "Great Harlot" is said to arrive on Earth riding a fabulous, yet terrible scarlet monster with multiple 7 heads, carrying a golden cup full of filth and deceit - becoming drunk on the blood of martyrs and saints: although frightening and powerful, the Whore of Bablyon is destined to be slain by the Beast as part of the Apocalypse.



  • "Whore" is a derogatory word used to refer a prostitute.

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