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The Whore of Babylon is a minor antagonist in the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman. She has a minor role in the book but she is one of the Old Gods, but sides with the New Gods in their quest for power. She was born of a demon, so the stories say, and ruled Babylon the Great when she was a young queen. She gained immortality, and lived til modern times.

In modern times, she is a prostitute, and she has the power to absorb men who come to her apartment in Las Vegas for paid sex. The Whore of Babylon can absorb men through her vagina, literally eating them into nothing, and she tells them they make it happen when she eats them. This is how the Whore gets her power this way because the other gods have different ways of keeping their power; i.e. Odin does gambling, Czernobog does deals, Eastre has Easter, Media has the television, but the Whore of Babylon has the power of absorbing men.

The Whore stands on the sidewalk murming spells under her breath and once she is approached by the Technical Kid who insults her for being stupid and he rams into her in his limosuine, killing her.