Whitney Horgan is one of the villains of the 1994 Stephen King Horror Thriller, The Stand.


An ex-marine butcher, Horgan joined Flagg's group as a cook, described by Lloyd Henreid as a "fat, loud sack of shit" but also an excellent chef. He performs lesser tasks but is highly ranked in Flagg's society, reporting directly to Lloyd Henreid or Randall Flagg himself. Whitney plans to flee to Brazil with many others after brokenly saying "it's...all gone bad here", after first asking a reluctant Henreid to join them (Henreid ultimately refuses the offer, but quietly tells his friend he will keep his flight plan secret, while adding he will never leave Flagg regardless of consequences), Horgan decides to take a "stand" against Flagg and publicly challenges him prior to the executions of Underwood and Brentner. Flagg initially says to Horgan that he has intended to let him leave without punishment, but then mutilates and eventually kills Whitney with a ball of lightning that emanates from his finger. However, Whitney's death is portrayed as meaningful by the author, as the lightning that killed him gathers in the sky over the next few moments before descending as the Hand of God and activating the Trashcan Man's nuclear bomb.

In the miniseries, Horgan is portrayed by Sam Anderson.