White Wolf is a member of Red Winter and a villain in Champions Online, having once been an ordinary human in the Soviet Union he was cursed with being a werewolf and slowly began to shed his humanity as he spent more and more time in his wolf-form, yet he had a childhood admiration of Soviet Guard which remains to this day: this admiration holds back White Wolf's more primal nature, at least for now as he aids his hero in the destruction of the current world in order to bring back the "glorious motherland".

In Game

White Wolf first appears in the Nemesis mission 'Bunker Buster'. Where he and the other members of Red Winter are guarding a bunch of cells. He and his team are defeated by the player and the heroes in the bunker that helped them. He later appears in the ALERT mission 'Red Winter'. In it, he, Red Dawn, and Drago are about to set off three nuclear bombs in the Southwester Desert's Area 51 to start World War 3. The five-team players must defeat them in in a very short launch time along with an army of goons.


White Wolf possesses Superhuman Attributes and is very athletic for his massive size. He can also heal from injuries at an inhuman rate.