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White Warlord is a character in the 1976 film Assault on Precinct 13.

He was portrayed by Frank Doubleday.


In response to the LAPD's ambush on 'Street Thunder', the warlords of this gang known as "Cholo" swear revenge against the citizens and police of Los Angeles. The Cholo consists of a White Warlord, Black Warlord (James Johnson), Oriental Warlord (Al Nakauchi) and Chicano Warlord (Gilbert De la Pena).

While driving around the streets of LA, the White Warlord aims his assault rifle at people, considering whether to shoot them or not. Eventually, the gang see and ice cream truck. At this point, a little girl named Kathy (Kim Richards), goes to the ice cream truck to buy Vanilla Twist. After Kathy leaves, the White Warlord attacks the Ice Cream Man (Peter Bruni). Unfortunately, Kathy discovers that she was given the wrong flavour (plain vanilla) and goes back to the truck to complain. Kathy was unaware of the robbery and unwittingly interrupts the White Warlord's attack on the driver. Without hesitation, the White Warlord brutally shoots Kathy in the chest killing her instantly and proceeds to shoot the driver too. Kathy's father Lawson (Martin West) rushes to her corpse and is devastated. The mortally wounded driver lives long enough to tell Lawson that there is a gun under the dashboard before succumbing to his wounds. Lawson pursues the Warlords and engages in a gun battle with the White Warlord. Lawson succeeds in killing the White Warlord, thus avenging his slain daughter. The other warlords pursue Lawson, who takes refuge at the Anderson Police complex which is about to be closed. This results in a siege on the abandoned police station, during which the occupants have to work together to defend the station against the gang members and eventually succeed when backup arrives.


The White Warlord is a treacherous and psychotic gang member who would kill anyone without hesitation. He would even kill children as witnessed by his brutal murder of Kathy.


  • The White Warlord's murder of Kathy was one of a few examples where a child has been shot in film