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The White Army's Blade Runners

Blade Runners, foot soldiers of the White Army (White Soliders).

The White Soldiers, also known as the White Army is a faction of royal soldiers from the Fast World who served Arkaam, the White Queen during the 8th saga of the W.I.T.C.H comic book series.

Their sworn enemy is the Black Army.

The White Soldiers and the Blade Runners

The White City, the capitol city of the Fast World which is governed by Arkaam, the White Queen, is regulated by the loyalists, the White Soldiers. They were loyal to the queen and are strict followers of the city's implemented rules.

They are first encountered by the W.I.T.C.H. team when will tried to follow Liam via flying which is prohibited inside the White City. The army is equipped with different mechanical tools and weapons such as the flying rockets and the blade runner's weapons.

The Blade Runners are special units expert in using their mechanical spear-like boomerang throwing weapons.

Together with the White Queen, they tried to invade Earth but were defeated by the Guardians, dissapearing into nothingness along with Arkaam.

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