The White Silver King

Isley, also known as Dweller of the Deep/Abyssal One of the North & South and White Silver King is one of the main antagonists in the manga series Claymore by Norihiro Yagi.



Isley appeared to be a polite young man, always showing of a cheerful smile, however this was just a facade. Isley was actually cruel and didn't care about anyone, even sacrifcing his own comrades who trusted him. Isley only seeked for more power.

After he defeated the actual Abyssal One of the South he aimed to conquer the whole land along with Priscilla, who is the most powerful being in Claymore. He failed to as he got killed/eaten by the Abyss Feeders.


Isley was an Awakened Being, which means, he used to be a warrior of the Organization, but surpassed his limits at some point of his life and "awoke". In his awakened form, he resembled a huge, black centaur. He was able to shapeshift his arms into different weapons (a bow, an axe, a lance, a shield, a claw and a sword). Despite his height of (about) 10 m, he was extremely fast and had a great yoki, which even surpassed Riful's, the Abyssal of the West.



Past and Early Life

He was a former warrior of the Organization and used to be ranked 1. Upon Awakening, he took control of the Northern lands, but later gave them up in favor of the South.

Later he encountered Priscilla and was defeated by her, however he claimed that he has defeated her. The truth was that Isley lost to Priscilla and while fighting her he realized how powerful she was, thus he promised her to obey her. His real intentios were to use Priscilla to conquer the whole island.

The Northern Campaign

Isley was the real reason behind the Northern Campaign, as he raised an army of 33 Awakened Beings. Despite his loss of many soldiers, his group eventually defeated the 24 Claymores that were send to Pieta in order to purge the Awakened Beings.

Afterwards he split his group in half, sending one to the Organization and the other half to the West. However, both groups were completely annihilated. Isley himself went straight to the South where he defeated Luciela of the South.

Seven Years later

After defeating Luciela, Isley settled down in the South. Meanwhile the Organization created a new weapon called "The Abyss Feeders". Isley fought them numerous times, but was eventually defeated by them. He was eaten alive.