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The White People

The White People

The White People, also known as the White People Tribe are a savage tribe of pale-skinned barbarians and their leader is Marteetee.

The White People are known to be barbaric, violent and disgusting. They also have fights in their village held in their arena where the prisoners might their strongest and furocious beast created by Marteetee's magic.

Prince Thadeous, his brother Fabious and and his servant Courtney encountered a nymph that turns to be one of the tribemembers of the White People and were taken prisoner to the arena their village. Fabious kills off Marteetee's finest warrior Dastardly. In retaliation, Marteetee summons his hydra-like familiar to kill them. Thadeous and Fabious are rescued by Isabel, a warrior seeking revenge for her father's murder at Marteetee's hands. When Marteetee was stabbed by a thrown spear and his face fell into magic cauldron, his people fled in terror and Thadeous and the others escaped with Isabel as the arena collapses.

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