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Dusan al Ghul

Dusan al Ghul is the son of Ra's al Ghul, who was rejected by his father because of the fact that Dusan was born an albino. He tried everything to earn his fathers respect and eventually gave up and left. Dusan returns later as the White Ghost to use his nephew's Damian Wayne body for his father to use as a vessel.

Batman, Talia Head (his sister), Nightwing (Dick Grayson), and Robin (Tim Drake) eventually stop the process; as the process of Ra's possessing Damian's body would ultimately kill Damian. Dusan eventually reveals himself to everyone and offers his body to his father. Ra's reluctantly accepts and Dusan dies. Ra's then wishes that he got to spend more time with his son because he was the only one of his children who was still loyal to him.

Fadir Nasser

1000px-White Ghost 001

A new white ghost appears tending to the wounds of Tim Drake, after he was severely injured by the Council of Spiders member Widower. He runs the operations throughout the League of Assassins by strategizing and giving out the orders from Ras himself. When Red Robin questioned the White Ghost about his identity, the White Ghost simply replies that there will always be a white ghost which suggests that the title of White Ghost is defined as a loyal figure that has been affiliated with the League for centuries. Later on, the White Ghost contends with Michael Lane aka Azrael. Azrael is being manipulated by cult members of The Seven Deadly Sins who quickly transform Azrael into the raw embodiment of deceit or the supposed 8th deadly sin. At the same time, White Ghost breaks into Azrael's room and begins to fight Azraelalong with the other cult members. White Ghost is knocked unconscious and later awakes on a plane.

Azrael tells the White Ghost that the cult has ordered him to kill the Pope because the holy patriarch has profound influence on the subject of faith. However, before Azrael can kill the Pope, White Ghost tries to convince Azrael that the power of faith is something to fight for and preserve not to destroy. Micheal acknowledges what the White Ghost is saying and the White Ghost continues by telling Azrael that Ra's al Ghul can offer Micheal the chance to find his true purpose in life. The White Ghost and Azrael work together in killing the seven cult members. As for the White Ghost's offer to meet with Ra's al Ghul, Azrael turns it down because Azrael knows what Ra's al Ghul stands for and Ra's' so called purpose would only conflict with Azrael's growing faith.