White Face (Sometimes typed as Whiteface, WhiteFace, or simply whiteface) is the main antagonist in the game "imscared: a Pixelated Nightmare" (which can be found and downloaded for free on GameJolt, as well as having a Steam release). Its gender is unknown, and the entity is simply referred to as "it" in the game's notorious, fourth-wall-breaking text files.


Whiteface red

At one point in the game, a red version of the entity will appear, perhaps when it is angry. This somewhat counteracts the moniker "White Face", considering how it is red.

White Face is a "paranoia fuel" character, meaning that it keeps the player constantly on tenterhooks when waiting for it to appear. Its appearance is heralded by a distinctive, hollow-sounding static noise that follows it everywhere it goes, as well as its laugh, which often startles those playing the game. It is also a part of a game that is notorious for creating .txt files on the player's computer (in a separate folder, politely enough), and these files give the player clues to the thing's name, as well as its behavior and the nature of the entity itself, hinting that it might be a creature comprised of data in your computer that watches you, also suggesting that there are other creatures like this (a somewhat terrifying notion, considering the overall unfriendliness of White Face). True to its name, White Face is an entity that appears as, well, a white face, lacking a body (staying perhaps a bit too true to its name, as it is just the face and nothing else, with the exception of a neck).

White Face appears to be a lonely creature, to a psychopathic extent; the true ending of imscared has White Face urging the player character to commit suicide by hanging themselves, possibly so that it can look at their face forever, or, in the case that whiteface is a ghost, so that the player character can join it in its room, which is simply an empty, black space, which White Face says is "cold" and "lonely", but it urges you to hang yourself so that it can "look at you".

One of the game's endings requires that the player go into the text files the game has created and delete the file that functions as White Face's heart, effectively "killing" the creature. White Face also breaks the fourth wall in that it crashes the game every time it kills you (which happens whenever it touches you).At some points in time, the wording of the dialogue in-game renders it unclear whether White Face is addressing the player character or the player directly, further smashing the fourth wall to bits.