White Eyes

White Eyes is a term used to refer to a group of laborers who befell a terrible fate at the hands of an extremely greedy business man named Charles H. Aurness. During the period known as the American Old West around 1874, Aurness owned an extremely prosperous gold mine located in a remote area of the Black Hills, Wyoming. Due to Aurness' greed and haste during the gold rush corners were cut in the construction of the mine and inevitably a mine shaft collapsed trapping 16 of the laborers in pitch black darkness. Upon hearing this news and investigating the damage Aurness decided that it would be best to close the mine and move on as it would be very costly to compensate the workers families, he paid off the rest of the laborers to keep their mouths shut and left the isolated area of Black Hills near his mine under the cover of darkness.

Meanwhile, the trapped miners distraughtly attempted to escape their stone tomb but with no success, for 6 months they survived on rations and water which was running from an underground stream but food was running low. Eventually they turned to cannibalism as the only means to survive, surrounded by the desecrated carcasses of their friends, the haunting echo's of drips landing on the cold rock and gradually deteriorating, the remaining men went completely insane. After a year suicide was the last option and the men attempted to drown themselves in the small underground stream, only at this point they discovered that they could escape through a flooded part of the mine. They made their escape into a cold treacherous night and disappeared into the dense forest high in the mountains.

Months later a hunter traveling in the area discovered the skinned body of Charles H. Aurness hanging from a tree near to the entrance of the abandoned mine, his intestines and bowels had been strewn across the ground and his jaw had been ripped off and embedded in the wooden slats that cordoned off the mine. Since that first disturbing event human bones were discovered scattered about the forest surrounding the mine, locals avoided the area but people continued disappearing during the night, in an effort to save the people in the surrounding villages from a painful and horrific death the local sheriff traveled to the mine to try and gain access. He blew open the entrance and inside he discovered the many decaying corpses of the miners along with Aurness' diary which contained details of the events which occurred over two years ago. Upon leaving the mine he saw the silhouette of a pale, lanky creature perched high above him on some rocks, its white eyes fixated obsessively on him. The sheriff fled the area but sustained a heavy bite on his leg, in the following weeks he became delirious from a heavy fever and died. Till this day hikers are sometimes reported missing and are often discovered months later with their eyeballs sucked out.