The Whisper Men are enemies that appear as secondary antagonists in the Doctor Who episode "The Name of the Doctor". They are servants of The Great Intelligence.


The Whisper Men could morph into the appearance of Walter Simeon at will, and much like the human embodiment of the Great Intelligence, seemed to be hollow on the inside, or unreal. They moved slowly, and lacked features, except for extremely white faces with blackened skin around their mouths and sharp teeth. They had angular faces with vague depressions where eyes should be, and exaggerated chins and cheeks. They wore the same Victorian garb as the Great Intelligence's form as Walter Simeon. They also bear a resemblance to The Trickster from Doctor Who's spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures.


When struck by Strax, one simply appeared to evaporate where hit, and then reformed. They could also pass their limbs through flesh, when instructed by the Great Intelligence to stop the hearts of the Doctor's friends. It was stated that they could kill with a whisper and they spoke in rhyming couplets, although their mouths did not move in sync with their speech. They appeared to hiss at their victims, and travelled in small groups when attacking.

They could also disappear and reappear in different places. With Clarence DeMarco, they disappeared from outside the jail cell and reappeared inside his cell, in which they gave him information that he could use to save his life.