100px-Whisp from the Nintendo game cover

Whisp is the main antagonist in the Monster High special, 13 Wishes. She is the shadow and twin "sister" of Gigi Grant.


Centuries ago, Gigi had spent years granting wishes of the "finders" of her lantern, then returning to the lantern, making her very lonely. When the Grimm Brothers learned of the genie's desire for a constant companion, they convinced one of her charges to wish for Gigi to have a friend. With this wish, Gigi's shadow came to life and became Whisp. The genie and shadow were happy together for years, but unfortunately, Whisp, who cannot grant wishes, started to feel unimportant in comparison to Gigi.

The shadow began to twist the desires of those who found their lantern to greed, pride and anger. As the selfish wishes continued, Whisp would become more and more material. Whisp's lust for power and recognition came to a head when she tried to convince the finders to wish for all shadows to become material and replace their templates.