General Whiptail


Oh, it's sooo much better when you're angry.
~ Whiptail

Whiptail (also called "General Whiptail") is whip lash-using woman who is one of King Bohan's three generals in his army and a minor villainess in Heavenly Sword.

Whiptail serves as one of Bohan's generals and was his mistress. She remains loyal to the king.

Whiptail set up Bohan's trap that Nariko walked into when she sees her father dangling from a chain and falls for the bait. Whiptail's guards ambush her but are unsuccessful in their attempt to kill her. Whiptail decides to take Nariko on herself and tells Nariko the truth behind her father's original feelings about her birth - Shen wanted to kill Nariko shortly after her birth, but was unable to bring himself to do so. Nariko tells her father to leave her and fights with Whiptail.

After Nariko impales Whiptail with the Heavenly Sword, King Bohan turns up and brutally snaps Whiptail's neck in her dying moments.



  • She was voiced by Race Davies.
  • The name "Whiptail" means a slender long-tailed American lizard with an alert manner and a jerky gait.