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Wheezy is one of the secondary antagonists of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He is the smoking weasel, and has a mouth full of several smoking cigarettes. Wheezy wears a whitish mashed bowler hat in which he carries an additional stash of cigarrettes, a black vest, a loose tie and a wrinkled shirt. His weapon of choice is a Tommy Gun but he only uses it once in the film (when he shoots Eddie Valiant's door open), preferring to use physical combat. He is the second weasel to die after losing control of his laughter and also presumably from too much smoking. He appears afraid of dying, as he is seen unsuccessfully trying to pull his soul back into his body, though when it breaks free, it does not appear regretful. He has blue fur while his comrades have brown fur. If he doesn't have cigarrettes in his mouth while speaking he has a deep voice and when he does he has a very raspy voice. He speaks twice in the film; after Roger and Eddie free Benny the Cab, and in the Acme Factory while tying Jessica and Roger up.


  • Wheezy shares a similarity to Lord Voldemort. They both have the same fear.

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