Wheezin' Ed

The Wheezin Ed

The Wheezin' Ed Is a villain from Nickelodeon series Hey Arnold¡. Is an dangerous and murderous gangster , who used to lived in the Elk Island , until when he died the ghost of the gangster , buried his treasure during the era of prohibition in a cave at Elk Island, and now haunts the island to keep thieves of his treasure out.

Urban Legend History 

According to urban legend which Gerald narrates , Ed he spread terror in the Elk Island, it was said that before killing his victims he could hear her whispering panting, some claim that would choke on a chicken bone and others said that he suffered from a chronic cough, but what was known why buried his treasure of coins in the caves of the elk island, many are counting that if people were able to access the caves in search of treasure, would not live to tell the tale, made Ed liquidate anyone who was willing to discover theirs terrible secrets.