Wheelie (Grojband)
Wheelie is a cat that Trina adopted in the Grojband episode The Snuffles with Snarffles. Wheelie is a cat that rescued is family in a burning building which cost him his legs. Now, he has a roller skate that he sits inside of to move around in.


Wheelie started his life as a homeless cat who lived amongst a pack of other cats that worked together as a platoon to thrive in the world. One time, in the incident of a burning down roller skate factory, Wheelie heroically went out of his way to save the rest of his platoon from the fire which caused him to lose his back legs in the accident. After they were all saved, Wheelie was confined to a roller skate which he used to roll around in. He was then sent to a care center along with his platoon, where he was given the name "Wheelie" because of his roller skate.


Wheelie is a furry, purple cat who has no legs because he lost them in a fire. He has a light blue roller skate attached to him which he uses to move around.