The Wheelers

The Wheelers were a group of insane humanoid-like creatures with hands and feet as wheels that appeared in the 1985 Disney movie Return to Oz, serving as supporting antagonists.

In the movie, The Nome King's henchwoman Mombi who commands them throughout the film, sends these creatures to capture Billina, a hen.

She wanted her captured, because eggs were poisonous to the Nomes including their leader.

The Wheelers made their horrific debut when they chased after Dorothy Gale and Billina.

On a wall nearby, there was a message written in red saying "Beware the Wheelers" as a warning to unsupecting strangers who might come across the dangerous Wheelers. They were unable to catch her, because they didn't have hands.

Tik-Tok the robot later catches one by the leg, and releases him telling him to behave. The wheeler then playfully leaves.