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Wheel Master
The Wheel Master is a minor antagonist in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It's an Unversed that interrupted a confrontation with Maleficent and Terra. It was created with the spinning wheel used to curse Princess Aurora into her enchanted sleep.


When Maleficent temporarily controlled the darkness within Terra's heart, she caused the Keyblade wielder to steal a sleeping Aurora's heart. She then attempts to recruit Terra to her side by offering him information about Master Xehanort, but Terra refuses. As Terra and Maleficent were continuing with their discussion, it gets interrupted by a tremor that erupts throughout the castle. Maleficent declaring that the Unversed, known as the Wheel Master, wished to disturb them before she teleports away. After that, Terra runs down to the throne room to face the Wheel Master. After a rather short battle, the Wheel Master was destroyed by Terra.

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