Silver - kaito Mozes
Whale Mozes is a character in the anime and manga, Saint Seiya. It is a Silver Saint, belonging to the constellation Cetus.

His original name is a biblical name. Moses and the whale are both linked both water and the Bible: the first, in fact, divided the waters of the Red Sea, while the second swallowed Jonah for a few days.

Role in the Series

Mozes was sent to Japan in a group consisting of Eagle Marin, Hound Asterion, Centaurus Babel and Lizard Misty, to execute the Bronze Saints. After Misty tried to bury the Bronze Saints in an avalanche on Mount Fuji, they each chased after a Saint. but due to the intervention of Aries Mu, they chased after and killed the Black Saints instead. Believing they were the Bronze Saints, they were buried and the Silver Saints left for Sanctuary. But as both Misty and later Babel didn't come after them, they suspected something had happened and returned to Japan. There they found their comrades lying dead on the same beach they thought they had buried the Bronze Saints.  

Asterion immediately turned to Marin, since she was the one who was supposed to kill Pegasus Seiya. The Eagle saint didn't say anything, so Asterion used his Telepathic powers and read her mind, thus he found out the whole story. While Mozes started attacking her, Asterion read her mind and directed his moves. In a short, while they had outnumbered her, and tied her upside down to a pole out I the sea. They were hoping to attract the Pegasus Saint this way, which it did. They started their battle with the same combination as with Marin, and when it seemed like they were winning the tides changed. Asterion, having claimed that Marin might be Seiya's sister, had now ignited Seiya's cosmo. The Pegasus Saint sprouted what seemed like wings, and defeated Mozes in a short time.


In the Hades arc adaptation in the Anime, Mozes had been resurrected by Hades and went with Misty and Babel to Siberia were Hyoga was. They tried to defeat him but was easily overpowered by Hyoga's chilly ice. Yet as they lay there dying among the ice, they entrusted Athena to his care.


Kaitos Spouting Bomber is a shot in two parts. Initially, Moses grabs his opponent's arm, tossing it into the air. With both arms open then creates, with a source of water nearby, a water jet upward like the breath of the blowhole of a whale because of the enormous pressure immobilizes the opponent (in the anime as seen in the manga circles energy immobilize both Marin that Seiya). Moses, when the opponent falls to the ground hit him on the head with a powerful punch.