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Wes Weasley is a recurring villain from the TV show The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. He is a dishonest door-to-door salesman who occasionally tries to help Dr. Ivo Robotnik catch Sonic by selling him faulty appliances. In one episode, he sells Coconuts sorcery equipment so that he can capture Sonic with magic. He is a parody of Phil Silvers, looks and personality-wise.

Wes is energetic and charming, but also an unscrupulous salesman, who does not really care who he sells to as long as he makes money. However, he is quick to leave if things start going wrong. He acts like a quick-talking salesman, often speaking in word salad and constantly over-selling his products, some of which work, others of which do not, all to his knowledge. He feels no remorse for selling to villains or working against villains with Sonic, his side is the side that benefits him the most and gives him the least danger.

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