In the King of the Hill episode "Death and Texas", Peggy Hill is contacted by an alleged former student on death row named Wes Archer. Unknown to her though, he has ulterior motives.

"Death and Texas"

Wes is an inmate on death row for allegedly only getting a gun back to a friend and "accidently" shooting his head off. He initially appears to be quite friendly towards Peggy as she teaches him under the pretense of wanting to become literate before death. Allegedly sharing a love for Peggy's favorite game Boggle, Wes requests that Peggy obtain timer sand from his wife Janette outside prison. Wes continues to lose the "timer sand" and Peggy brings more. However, he soon reveals that the "timer sand" is actually cocaine he has manipulated Peggy into collecting and that he was never a student. Blackmailing her with the federal offense via the unknown smuggling, Wes threatens to expose Peggy lest she goes to jail.

Eventually, the smuggling is uncovered and exposed to the warden. Peggy and Hank go to the warden's office where Wes presses her to confess the unwary smuggling. However, with only the licked-clean hourglass and no trace of cocaine, Wes has no evidence against her. Angered, he attempts to kill Peggy only to be stopped by Hank and subdued by the guards. He is presumably executed later on.