Wes is the main villain of the 1980 movie, Urban Cowboy.

He was played by Scott Glenn.


In the beginning of the movie, Wes was a mechanical bullrider from the famous honky tonk bar in Texas, Gilley's. When Bud and Sissy came in, Wes tipped his hat at Sissy which caused Bud to get jealous. After Bud accidently hit Wes with his sandwich after being unsatisfied with the meal, Wes and Bud went outside and had a brief fight which caused Bud to be badly hurt. Wes taught Sissy how to ride the bull and even allowed her to stay with him in his trailer home after Sissy and Bud broke up. However, Wes started to treat Sissy badly and even hit her if she does not do what he tells her and even cheated on her by sleeping with another woman. Wes entered into the Bullriding competition to win the prize money but lost to Bud. Wes decided to steal the money and move to Mexico but Sissy refused, but decided to after Wes slapped her really hard which caused her to have a black eye. Later, Wes stole the prize money, however that ended up when he fought with Bud and all the money fell out of Wes's jacket and he was taken to jail to pay for his crimes.