The Omega Werewolves

Werewolves or The Omega Werewolves are portrayed as Hostile Species recruited by Phantom Werewolf are one of the main villains from the season 3 of Martin Mystery: Harrier and scarier.


When Java and Diana finally find Martin in a cave, the Phantom Werewolf arrives as Martin turns into a werewolf, the Phantom Werewolf calls his wolf pack to attack Martin, but Martin, helped by Diana and Java, fights the omega werewolves one by one by knocking them down, when Martin is at the mercy of the Omega Werewolves, but Java uses the whistles to force the Omega Werewolves to retreat in order to save his friend. Martin, helped by Diana and Java, manages to defeat the Phantom Werewolf and has succeeded to lock him in a cage. Martin is still a werewolf in the house drinks a hair growth serum instead of an antitode at the episode ends.


The Werewolves are based in a mythology of these creatures in a urban legend, they bite a human by using a curse on a infected human to make a human a werewolves.

The Werewolves are inspired by the Werepoodles like Valerie from Kids Next Door. But in a predator wolf only.