The Werewolves are antagonists from the Dragon Age video game series, they appear on the bridge with Switchfang, who proclaimed himself leader of the damned camp, they work with the forest lady who watch every move of the grey warden.

When the Gray warden finally found the werewolf lair, they confronted the forest lady Versipell, she tell the gray warden to bring Zathrian to her, or the gray warden can side with the werewolves, or the dalish elfs. But an other choice is after they bring Zathrian to the forest lady the gray warden side with both, Zathrian can sacrifice himself to the forest lady and free his people and cursed humans from their werewolves form, when the werewolves appear in their humans form they can be with normal clothes, or underwear they thanks the gray warden to saving them and run out the forest to human world to never return to the brecelian forest.